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Personal Equipment
Wear or carry:
Complete uniform
Hiking shoes or boots
Sweater or jacket
Poncho or rain suit
Brimmed hat
Carry in pockets:
Matches in waterproof case
Wallet and money, including change for several phone calls
Individual toilet paper in plastic bag
Magnetic compass
2 or 3 adhesive bandages
Moleskin or mole foam for blisters
10-foot cord
Carry in top of pack or outside pocket:
Rubber bands needles thread
Safety pins buttons fire starter
Pair of socks
Eating utensils
Knife Fork Spoon Cup
Bowl Plate
Canteen or water bottle
Carry inside pack or fastened to pack frame:
Sleeping bag or 2 or 3 warm blankets
Foam pad or air mattress
Carry inside pack:
Waterproof plastic ground cloth
Moccasins or sneakers (summer)
Mukluks or insulated booties (winter)
Plastic or cloth clothesbag containing:
Extra shirt
Extra pants
Pajamas or sweatsuit
Extra bandana
Extra socks
Change of underwear
Toilet kit containing:
Biodegradable soap
Hand towel
Metal mirror
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Insect repellant
Optional items:
Camera, film
Individual first aid kit
Swimsuit and bath towel
Personal tent
Musical instrument
Song book
Official Boy Scout Handbook and Fieldbook
Patrol Equipment
(Unstarred items are basic for overnight short-term camping. Add
starred items (*) for long-term camp, 6 days
and nights or more in one site.
Add more cooking equipment as needed for size or group)
Patrol headquarters:
Small U.S. flag
Dining fly
Poles, tent pegs, and guy lines for fly
Patrol food chest*
Cooking, sanitation, safety:
Patrol cook kit containing:
Two frying pans Two pots with lids Cocoa pot
Hot-pot tongs Handles for frying pans
Utensil kit containing:
Spatula Ladle Stirring spoon
Vegetable peeler Can opener
Fuel flasks or cartridges
Plastic sheets, 4 x 4
Collapsible plastic 2 gallon water jus or 1 gallon water
Cleanup materials:
Plastic scouring pads
Liquid biodegradable soap in plastic container
Sanitizing agent for rinse water
Galvanized mop buckets for dishwashing*
Plastic trash can liners
Roll of aluminum foil*
Toilet paper
Camp safety gear:
Two-man tents
Poles, pegs, and guy lines, as needed
Optional items:
Dutch oven
Reflector oven
Table cover, oilcloth or plastic*
Shovel (for latrine construction or snow excavation)

Summer Clothing Winter Clothing
Uniform shirt Uniform shirt
Uniform shorts Wool Shirt
T-shirts Long pants
Long Pants Sweater
Sweater Long Underwear
Underwear Socks
Socks Parka
Shoes Stocking Cap
Cap Mittens
Bandanas booties
Rain Gear Bandanas

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